B2B Tailor Made 

BS Atelier offers an opportunity to create a personal and unique colour work in your pieces. Suitable for those retailers who wish to have their own design in their toys. Depending on design style and complexity BS Atelier offers a personal previous design work.

No Exclusivity Custom:

-        Minimum order at once: 10 units

-        Canvas: any dildo canvas at CUSTOM category.


Exclusivity Custom:

-        Minimum order at once: 300 units

-        Canvas: any dildo canvas (not plug included)

-        Design: one design for all the canvas (any dildo shape)

-        Previous Design work: you will be asked to sign a previous design sketch from our Design team in order to reach the proper agreement. This working drawing will be issued at a cost of 150€/$150 before to start producing

-        Production Time: 5 weeks (it might vary on regards of the number of pieces ordered)

-        Exclusivity: design should be under exclusive use of the contracting company

-        Exclusivity Period: these products orders must be done at least every 6 months, otherwise, the exclusivity will expire


How do I place an order for a option not on the site?

You can place your order on the website by selecting any colour swatch and leaving a quick note in the Order Notes part of the checkout or rather sending an email to CUSTOM B2B to make sure we understand your request.


NOTE: any design should reach the acceptance of BS Atelier. We take care of your products as ours.

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